Is it possible to comply with legislation with reliable solution, fast and low cost deployment?

Resolution No. 13 has been published by ANM (Mining Agency in Brazil), aiming at higher safety standards of geotechnical structures and the sustainable development of mining. Facing the challenges posed by the new legislation, GeoMin stands as a partner of mining companies in meeting the following legislation:

  • - Art. 6º - Every dam with high potential damage must have real time instrumentation monitoring (piezometers, water level meter, inclinometer, etc.) by 12/15/2020. In Brazil, there are currently over 200 structures in this condition.
  • - Art. 7 - Dams requiring an Emergency Action Plan (PAEBM) must have automated siren activation systems installed.

GeoCOD - Geomin Collapse Detector

Structure collapse detection system with high reliability in rupture diagnosis and high level of redundancy. GeoCOD has analytical devices place along the structure, to be deployed in different configurations depending on specific needs of the company

  • Wireless System - Fast Deployment / Low Cost
  • Wired System - Instant Response / Low Cost
  • Hybrid System - Instant Response / Greater Redundancy

GeoCOD - Geomin Collapse Detector

Our system performs collapse detection with very high reliability, being able to trigger the sirens automatically or be used in conjunction with other methods. If used standalone, GeoCOD has the following advantages over other technologies:

  • Video Analytics - Greater Reliability / Lower Risk of False-Positives
  • Piezometers - Faster Response / Greater Reliability
  • Inclinometer - Faster Response / Lower Cost / Greater Number of Analysis Points
  • Collapse Radar - Lower Cost / Greater Redundancy


Our team has extensive experience in design, implementation and maintenance of automatic geotechnical instrumentation. We have a multidisciplinary team, with experience in products from major world suppliers, such as:

  • RST
  • Geokon
  • WorldSensing
  • Campbell
  • ...

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