Solutions in Geotechnical Engineering and Mining

We add value to our clients' operations, bringing greater efficiency and safety through innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies. Real-time geotechnical data analysis brings maximum responsiveness and reliability to our systems.

About us

GeoMin offers high-quality services to the mineral industry since 2019.

Our employees are professionals with extensive experience in the field of geotechnical engineering, geometallurgy, environmental and mining rights management. We assist our clients on every phase along their project lifetime, ensuring compatibility of technical, economic, safety and environmental aspects.

Services and solutions in Geotechnical Engineering and Mining

GeoMin offers services in geotechnical engineering, geometallurgy and mining permits management, tackling all aspects along the lifetime of a mining project. Our team is specialized in mining and process automation, focusing on safety and slope stability through the installation and monitoring of piezometers, conducting penetration tests and ore characterization.

Geotechnical Engineering

Rock and soil mechanics sciences integrated to electronic systems for slope stability and tailings dam monitoring

Mining Rights Management

Management of mining permits with excellence in the identification and fulfillment of deadlines and requirements. Licensing of exploration projects in compliance with the Brazilian mineral legislation


Integration of geological, mineralogical, metallurgical, environmental and economic characteristics of a deposit aiming at optimizing processes by maximizing metallurgical recovery and reducing operational risks

Environmental Management

We design projects and manage environmental permits with Brazilian environmental agencies, guaranteeing that mining activities are compatible with environmental conservation